HairFood Co. Awesome Volume Conditioner (Natural Conditioner)

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  • Volume: 250ml
  • Category: Hair Care

If you’re complaining about fine hair that lacks volume, then this conditioner is your new best friend!

Infused with Rice Proteins, this conditioner adds weightless moisture to your hair, extra shine, and manageability while promoting bouncy volume that lasts. Which results in more elastic and soft hair. The high-fat content of Avocados makes hair less dry and less prone to breakage. Not only does it lift, but it’s also an effective natural remedy for treating hair loss, a treatment discovered by the Egyptians.

  Highlights: ✅ For flat, limp and lifeless hair
✅ A significant increase of hair volume after 4 washes
✅ Adds luster to dull locks, moisturizes hair and effectively detangles hair
✅ Lifts in all the right places for lush, full body hair that bounces
✅ Lessens hair loss

    Key Ingredients:

    🌿 RICE PROTEIN: It is a cosmetic grade vegetarian protein that is rich in amino acids beneficial to hair and skin. It is best known for volumizing hair by 44% after just 4-5 treatments.  

    🌿 AVOCADO OIL: It contains an abundance of monounsaturated fats, proteins, copper, folic acid, magnesium and minerals that strengthen the building blocks of hair. It also has a high content of Vitamin B that provides nourishment to hair follicles and prevents a flaky scalp and Vitamin E that strengthens the hair follicles and repairs damage caused by harsh chemical treatments. It has a rich dosage of biotin too, an integral part of cell production and cell growth, that stimulates hair growth.  

    What is it formulated without? ❌ Parabens
    ❌ Sulfates
    ❌ Phthalates
    ❌ Silicones
    ❌ Colourants

      Directions of Use:

      ✅ Lather on hair and rub on the root to tips to smoothen the tresses.
      ✅ Let it stay for 3 to 5 minutes.
      ✅ Rinse.

      For best results, use with:

      🌷 Argan Gold Shampoo

      Reminders: ⛔️ For external use only. ⛔️ Avoid contact with eyes. 👀 ⛔️ Keep out of reach of children. ⛔️ Discontinue use if irritation persists. ⛔️ Store at room temperature.   To know more, check us out! Website:
      Instagram: @hairfoodco

      You may reach us through:

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      • Weight: 0.28kg
      • Volume: 250ml
      • Category: Hair Care