Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar 70g

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  • Category: Hair Care

Refresh your hair and scalp with zero dandruff and dirt!

Fresh Shampoo Bar is an anti-dandruff shampoo with Usneo, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, and Abyssinian Oil. It nourishes and gives protection to hair thus preventing hair from dandruff. With the benefits from its nature-inspired ingredients, it’s used to treat microbial cause of dandruff.


✅ Refreshes hair and scalp for a refreshing bath feel without the dirt

✅ Shampoo and conditioner in one

✅ Anti-dandruff shampoo because of Usneo from Switzerland

✅ Nourishes hair with sunflower oil

✅ Moisturizes hair and prevents frizz and breakage

Key Ingredients:

🌿 Usneo: A botanical active derived from the lichen Usnea barbata for the use in anti dandruff shampoo. The active ingredient in Usneo is Usnic acid effectively treating the microbial cause of dandruff.

🌿 Shea Butter: Moisturize the scalp and the hair and increase softness.

🌿 Sunflower Oil: Contains oleic acid another name for Omega 9 acid known to be one of the essential acids that are needed to stop breakage and stimulate healthy hair growth.

🌿 Abbysinian Oil: It is easily absorbed into hair giving a boost to shine and condition even if hair is dry.It also contains a high percentage of an Omega 9 Fatty acid that helps to give hair a glossy feel.

Directions of Use:

☑️ Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair
☑️ Massage into your hair and scalp
☑️ When you’re happily lathered and massaged, rinse clean

When you’re done:

☑️ Keep your shampoo bar away from water and enjoy your marvelous mane.

☑️ Always on the go? Grab a perfectly sized shampoo bar tin that takes up very little space, keeps your bars protected and ensures there’s no post-shower mess.


⛔️ For external use only. ⛔️ Avoid contact with eyes. ⛔️ Discontinue use if irritation persists. ⛔️ Store at room temperature.

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