CG Reborn Advanced Targeted Serum 30mL

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  • Category: Hair Care

Get protected, luscious hair with Crown and Glory Reborn Advanced Targeted Serum!

Intensely formulated to encourage hair thickness, this plant-derived Serum leaves your hair looking healthier, fuller, and thicker.

It can solve the hair loss problem through cell renewal and regeneration of hair follicles which truly makes it the best serum for treating circular patches and certain hereditary problems and complications such as Alopecia Areata.

The serum works to create visible results within four weeks.

Say goodbye to hair loss and say hello to stronger hair growth with Crown and Glory Reborn Advanced Targeted Serum!

Why choose Crown and Glory Reborn Advanced Targeted Serum?

✅ Helps the scalp withstand free radicals resulting in reduced hair loss and optimized hair growth
✅ Can also be used to grow facial hair (sideburns and beards)
✅ Treats baldness with its powerhouse ingredients


🌱LARCH WOOD EXTRACT: This extract enhances the function of the immune system, tissues and cells and helps the scalp withstand and eliminate free radicals.
🌱MORINGA SEED EXTRACT: It is a superfood for your scalp that has rich antioxidants which can reduce free radicals and peroxide effects, one of the root cause of premature greying of hair.
🌱GREEN TEA LEAF EXTRACT: It has wonderful tonic and astringent qualities that seal in moisture and add shine and luster to hair. It also has natural Vitamin C that can protect hair and scalp from the sun damage.
🌱GLYCERIN: It allows hair to grow faster and reach the adequate length by making it healthy and reduces breakage and dry, brittle hair. Hair growth is, thus, optimized.


▪️Wash and cleanse the targeted part
▪️After cleansing, apply one drop to your fingertips
▪️Use your fingers to massage the targeted part/s
▪️Wash hands afterward

Booster Shampoo and Hair Reborn Advanced Scalp Tonic

For external use only. When using this product, avoid contact with eyes, nose, or mouth. If this occurs, rinse the areas with water. Do not use this targeted serum if the skin on your scalp is damaged, irritated, or sunburned. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. This product must be stored in the fridge at all times when not in use to keep it fresh.

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