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No more hairbrushes that just combs. Cacai Professional Hairbrush transforms in every brush.

The Cacai Professional Hairbrush is the new generation of hairbrushes. It detangles even the toughest tangled hair with less breakage than that of an ordinary brush. It makes hair smooth, soft and shiny.   Highlights: ✅ Detangler (smoothes hair breakage)
✅ Can be used when wet (even after a bath, you can brush your hair with it)
✅ Fast results (feel smoother hair in just a few strokes)
✅ Has long bristles that detangle hair
✅ Has short bristles that smoothen hair cuticle
✅ Has easy hold handle
✅Scalp massager

It comes in two designs for different personalities:

🌟 Chic Pink for cosmo women who want it sexy 🌟 Tiffany Blue for women who has a more refined taste Simply comb your wet/dry hair for a tangle-free, smooth, shiny hair!

For best results, use with:

🌷 Cacai Moisture Bomb 60 ml


⛔️ Handle with care to avoid scratch.


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  • Weight: 0.03kg
  • Category: Hair Tool