Cacai Moisture Bomb (Hair Serum)

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  • Volume: 60ml
  • Category: Hair Care








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  • Category: Hair Care

Ultimate Hydration for your Hair!

Make your hair shine and hydrated exuding vitality with a powerful hair serum that does seven effects in one! It’s lightweight and jam-packed with fabulous hydrating ingredients. The secret is its mastery use of Hyaluronic Acid that coats a molecular film around the hair fiber making your hair glow and bounce with health ready for picture-perfect moments anytime!

Volume: 60ml


✅ Formula from France 
✅ Ultimate hydration
✅ Adds extra volume to hair
✅ Fights frizz
✅ Protects hair cuticle
✅ Shields hair from pollution
✅ Adds extra shine to hair
✅ Softens hair

    Key Ingredients:

    🌿 HYALURONIC ACID:  Helps increase hair growth and the strand diameter--thicker hair 

    🌿 SILK PROTEIN: Silk peptides penetrate into the hair bulb and nourish it from the roots up.

    🌿 COLLAGEN: proteins that will also bind water to your hair by attracting and retaining it there

    🌿 KERATIN: The Hydrolyzed Keratin proteins penetrates to the hair shaft adding strength and resilience. Keratin is the most important building block of your hair. 

    🌿 MILK PROTEIN: It is one of the nutrient-rich proteins due to its complete amino acid content. It offers anti-irritant and protective properties unmatched by any other protein.

    🌿 MACADAMIA OIL: It makes the hair follicles stronger and shinier. Its antioxidant nature protects the follicles from damage.

    What is it formulated without?

    ❌ Parabens
    ❌ Sulfates
    ❌ Phthalates
    ❌ Silicones

      Directions of Use:

      ✅ Pump two shots and apply on damp hair.
      ✅ Glide serum from mid-shaft to ends and let your hair air dry.

        For best results, use with:

        🌷 Cacai Hair Professional Hairbrush (Chic Pink or Sweet Blue)


        ⛔️ For external use only.
        ⛔️ Avoid contact with eyes.
        ⛔️ Discontinue use if irritation persists.
        ⛔️ Store at room temperature.


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          • Weight: 0.08kg
          • Volume: 60ml
          • Category: Hair Care