Anti-Hairfall Bundle

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Say goodbye to hair fall!

Dull, thinning hair stopping you from trying out your favorite hairstyles? The HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Shampoo and Zero Gravity Conditioner Duo is the answer for all your hair care worries. 

Hairfall will be a thing of the past Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. These two has a unique blend of hair-loving ingredients to give you thicker, smoother, and shinier hair you’ll love to flaunt. Together, they contain potent ingredients such as Brazilian Pataua Oil, Panax Ginseng, Gugo Extract, and Emortal Pep that effectively prevents hair loss and strengthens your hair follicles. 

This duo stimulates the hair follicle and promotes hair growth while moisturizes your hair. Use Zero Gravity Duo (Anti-Hair Fall), and you can finally kiss hair fall a goodbye!
With Weekend Oil - The Most promising oil for hair regrowth and hair thickness! WHAT’S IN THE SET?
✅ 1 HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Shampoo 250mL
✅ 1 HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Conditioner 250mL
✅ 1 Crown & Glory Weekend Oil  HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Shampoo 250mL
🌸 Made from Natural Extracts
🌸 Helps reinforce and strengthen your hair
🌸 Stimulates natural hair growth and blood circulation
🌸 Increases hair vitality
🌸 Restores hair strand breakage and split-ends
🌸 Effective, safe and gentle for everyday use
🌸 For all hair types: Dry hair, Oily hair, Colored Hair
🌸 For men, and women
HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Conditioner 250mL 🌸Strengthens hair follicles
🌸 Moisturizes the scalp
🌸 Anti-hair fall, prevents hair loss
🌸 Revitalizes hair
🌸 Strengthens hair roots
Crown & Glory Weekend Oil 15mL 🌸 Promotes natural hair growth 3-5 times the normal rate 
🌸 Moisturizes dry scalp to prevent flaking and dandruff 
🌸 Can grow facial hair (sideburns and beards) 
🌸 Protects hair from the sun and pollution
🌸 Unclogs hair follicles making your scalp fresh and clean

Directions of Use:

HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Shampoo

☑️ Apply on your hair during bath
☑️ Massage at least three (3) minutes
☑️ Rinse

HairFood Co. Zero Gravity Conditioner 250mL

☑️ After using the shampoo, lather on hair 
☑️ Let it stay for 3 to 5 minutes
☑️ Rinse

Crown & Glory Weekend Oil

☑️ Use after a bath
☑️ Dub ample amount of Weekend Oil to your palm and massage scalp for 3-5 minutes
☑️ Cover your hair with a hot towel
☑️ Wait for 30 minutes to 3 hours before washing your hair
☑️ Do this twice a week for better results



 ⛔️ For external use only.

 ⛔️ Avoid contact with eyes.

 ⛔️ Discontinue use if irritation persists.

 ⛔️ Store at room temperature.

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