Crown & Glory Fiber Daddy (Hair Fiber)

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HairFood Co.’s “Hair Fiber” is a non-toxic third generation instant hair loss concealer infused  with natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of and Levant Cotton Fiber, that is great for root touch up, prevents further falling out of hair and conceals thinning hair in seconds. The Levant Cotton Fiber, one of the finest & high grade fibers in the world today that naturally resembles real human hair, is nearly impossible to detect once applied. It has breathable structure that allows your hair and scalp to breathe freely through the fibers unlike other conventional wool based products that can cause your hair to become itchy & even lead to further hair loss. The fibers are charged with static electricity (a stationary electric charge typically produced by friction) so they intertwine with your existing hair, blend perfectly and bond securely to conceal the appearance of thinning and balding in seconds and create a more natural-looking, thicker, and fuller head of hair. The product is suitable for men and women and has a three-year quality guarantee period. Just shake on the fibers and they stay in place all day, all night even in perspiration and won’t come off until you wash it out.


✔️ Great hair root touch up and prevents further falling out of hair

✔️ Instantly conceals thinning hair

✔️ Provides coverage on sparse areas of your scalp

✔️ Non-toxic third generation hair fiber

✔️ Fibers naturally resemble human hair, nearly impossible to detect when carefully applied

✔️ Has a breathable structure that allows hair and scalp to breathe freely through fibers to avoid further hair loss

✔️ Can be used along with other hair therapy and treatment

✔️ 3-year quality guarantee period

✔️ Suitable for men and women of all ethnicities


Key Ingredients


It is considered an ancestor of modern short-staple cottons and commonly used as hair fiber because it naturally resembles human hair.


It is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins. It is the key structural material making up hair.


Keratin, Natural Gossypium Herbaceum Fiber, Cetrimonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, Iron Oxide (Dark Brown)



Dry and style hair as usual. Gently tap, shake, or sprinkle the bottle of fibres at about 45 degrees, and hold it 1 inch above your thin areas to dispense fibres.

Step 1: Tilt the bottle at about 45° and hold it at one (1) inch. (If the area is small, bring the bottle opening closer to the area. Gently shake or sprinkle onto the thinning area.

Step 2:  While applying hair fibers on the affected area, place your hands in front of the hairline to avoid getting it into your face and eyes.

Step 3: You may adjust the tilt of the bottle to increase the amount of fiber on your hair, gently pat or comb it until it blends perfectly.

WARNING: For external use only. If skin irritation or rash appears,discontinue use. Avoid inhalation. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.



Make sure that hair has been washed and sufficiently dried when applying “Crown and Glory Fiber Daddy” to increase the bonding effect.
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    hair grower testimonial


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