5 Common Hair Problems Solved Without Spending Much

5 Common Hair Problems Solved Without Spending Much

Healthy and well-groomed hair is indeed a great confidence booster. Starting your day with a gorgeous hair makes you feel like you are on top of your game. 

You may not notice it, but your hair's condition affects your life so much - your poise, your outfit, and the way other people recognize you--all of them are affected. Bad hair is a bad day!

You go through a lot to look stunning like styling your hair and going to a salon to get a hair make-over. While these can be pretty fun and addicting, it can be very time-consuming at times. 


Your Hair is Your Crown!

Your hair is a crown you never take off – so you better make sure it is looking smooth, sophisticated, and stunning at all times. It represents as yourself, which people can tell a lot about you. 

One solution that most of you tend to do is to go to a high-end salon, which also contribute to the damaging of your hair. Throwing a lot of money in hopes of getting a good hair is not right. You should keep your hair naturally amazing and healthy!


Use Plant-based Products for Your Heavily-Damaged Hair

Here at HairFood Co., we specialized in natural treatments for your hair problems. Looking for the right naturally-made treatment can be hard and challenging, but with us, you will get what you are looking for with one click!

Now, here are the Top 5 Common Hair Problems that can be treated without spending a lot!


Dry Hair

Dreaming a hair so soft and silky may remain as a dream if you continuously provide insufficient moisture to your hair. According to Healthline, you tend to acquire this when the outer layer of your hair, which is responsible for protecting the inner layer, breaks down, thus your hair looks dry and unnourished.


Causes of Dry Hair

  • Your scalp is not making an ample amount of moisture
  • This gives your hair the dry look and dry feels. Your hair does not make its own lubrication because it relies on its natural oils produced in your hair root to keep your hair conditioned and looking lustrous.

    However, there are times that your hair doesn't make enough oil, which leads to dry hair. As you age, your hair naturally makes less oil. Since your hair's roots are under your skin, the dry scalp goes along with dry hair — dry scalp peels and sheds, which leads to dandruff flakes falling on your shoulders.

  • Your scalp may have moisture but does not stay on your hair
  • A protective layer of hair called a cuticle defends your hair from the destructions that are caused by the heat and sun. Healthy skin holds the moisture inside, but when the cuticle's coat peels off from the hair, its tendency to keep the moistness is compromised, which makes its oils just runoff.

  • Chlorinated and saltwater are your hair's enemies, avoid them!
  • If you are fond of swimming, it may be one reason why your hair is dry. Chlorine and salts peel off the outer layer of your hair which keeps the moisture. When this happens, your hair cuticle can no longer hold the moisture it gets, thus escapes.

    For a healthy scalp, use an organic hair care products to moisturize your scalp and keep your skin oil levels balanced.



    Dull Hair

    There is no magic recipe for attaining the hair you have been dreaming. It is always the excellent combination of proper hydration, cleansing, and conditioning of your hair that makes it look adorable.


    Reasons Why You Have Dull Hair and How to Avoid It

  • You tend to dehydrate your hair without knowing
  • Who does not love a healthy and gorgeous-looking hair? But as much as you love them, you tend to forget that just like the skin, your hair needs constant hydration. You must use the right products with a moisturizing treatment.

     Also, drinking the required number of glasses of water daily helps a lot in the hydration process. It keeps your hair's cuticles healthy and stops the breakage of your hair's outer layer.

  • It is not about the product. It is about how you apply it.
  • You may be wondering why your hair has become dull when you have been using the right product. Let me tell you this; it is not about the product; it is how you apply it. 

    Yes, you may be using a shampoo that says "Stops the dull hair," but without proper rinsing, the hair will eventually turn dull and dry.

    Proper usage of the product is just as important as choosing the right product. These two must be a combination!


    Frizzy Hair

    A lot of you enjoy styling your hair. Curling, twirling and designing it with hair clips are just as exciting as it seems. However, hating the frizz after loving the curls and waves of your hair is understandable.

    The reason for frizz is simple: your hair's outer layer looks kind of a shingled roof. When you run a brush through a dry and frizzy hair, those shingles lift.

    Frizzy hair is easy to achieve but hard to get rid of. You must be consistent with the process that you follow to stop the frizz completely. 


    Causes and How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

  • Brushing your dry hair causes frizz and hair fall
  • Brushing your dry hair does not only disrupt your hair's cuticle but also stretches your hair, leading to rupture. You may wet your hair first before combing or wet your hands and do finger-comb to avoid further damaging of your hair.

    Use HairFood Co’s Detangler Hair Brush with Moisture Bomb for a smooth, soft, and shiny hair!

  • Your hair heals in time, stop over-processing it
  • We know how much you want your hair to be back in its excellent state. Just like any other cells in the body, your hair heals its damages in time. Stop over-doing the processes you are following because instead of bringing your hair back to life, you might be killing it.

    For best results, use chemical-free hair care products!



    Hair shedding is a common problem for both men and women. You lose about 50 to 100 hair strands every day. Hair loss may cause gradual thinning of your hair, bald patches, or complete baldness.

    While it has been proven that the cause of hair loss is hereditary, here are some other reasons why you are experiencing hair loss.

  • You have a poor and unbalanced diet.
  • Unhealthy diet often leads to hair fall. Your diet has an important role to the health of your hair; thus, eating healthy and proper exercise to avoid stress are highly advisable to maintain the volume of your hair. 

    If you are suffering from hair loss, then you might be taking too much vitamin. Limiting the intake of Vitamin A helps you have normal hair growth.

  • You are inappropriately combing, washing and drying your hair.
  • Combing the hair while it is dry stretches the hair causing it to be brittle and breaks. Appropriate comb and the appropriate type of comb should be used to avoid hair fall.

    On the other hand, the way you wash and dry your hair contributes to the falling of your hair. Your hair is delicate; thus, it needs a careful and gentle massage for cleansing and drying. Let your hair be air-dried to avoid damage.

    Using shampoo and conditioner with strong chemical ingredients can worsen the damage of your hair. Switch to products that have nature-inspired formulations for healthy hair.


    Premature Graying

    "Old" is probably the first word that comes into your mind when you see someone with the grey ash, silvery with a touch-of-white kind of hair. Having grey hair growing into your scalp tends to add more years to your age. That is why getting rid of grey hair is a must.

    Premature graying is when your hair turns grey because of not making an ample amount of pigment. Naturally, existing hydrogen peroxide can also build up in your hair, which helps lightening your hair color.


    Habits that causes the appearance of gray hair

  • Smoking regularly can turn your hair to gray
  • If you are a smoker, you will be a white head in no time. Smokers tend to have grey hair at the early 20s. This makes you look like you aged ten years more than your current age.

  • Applying coloring chemicals to your hair
  • Hair dyes and products, even including shampoos, are the lead contributors to the fading of your hair's natural color. These products lower the melanin in your body.

    Avoid dying your hair as this can harm your hair follicles due to the presence of strong chemicals. Use anti-gray hair shampoos and conditioners that help reduce the free radicals, which is the root cause of premature grey hair, and boost the melanin production in your hair.

    We know how much you love taking care of your hair, that’s why HairFood Co gives you the hair care products with no harsh chemicals used and bridges you to the salon-like hair treatments for healthy and smooth hair you have been wanting!