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Can’t keep your hair smooth? Can’t comb through your strands without getting a migraine with every stuck-up? Can’t even slide your fingers through your hair? Then you have frizzy hair! 

Taming your wild mane can be pricey if you go to a professional and use bottles of glitzy chemicals for help. It's important that you find out what’s behind the frizz before knowing how to fix it. Here are five causes of your hair’s frizziness!

Five Hair Damaging Habits

  1. Can’t Take the Heat

We all know that our hair is our crowning glory, but what good is a crown when it's unkempt? So, everyone turns to heat to try and tame their wild, messy manes, especially for those special moments. While it does feel good to look good, it won’t feel as great when all the hair that is left on your head is dead! A travesty, we know.

Equipment used on your hair can make it vulnerable and weak, much easier to get ruined in a shorter amount of time. And more than that, too much heat used on your hair is quite dangerous. As your hair gets exposed to such high temperatures, it ultimately leads to dehydration of your hair. 

These regular heating activities can include hot water for washing your hair, too much exposure of your hair to solar light, and also constant usage of hair-grooming equipment --- like hair straighteners, hair curlers and hair blowers!

How to combat this?

While your hair can survive without any of these special treatments, there is always time and room for these luxuries when there are special occasions. Even if you would get to look your personal best with the tedious hairstyling routine with the use of hair straighteners or hair curlers, this hours-long beauty comes at a price.

Overheating could ruin your hair for months, or worse, years!

This is why you should give your hair a break from all these harsh heating treatments to give way for a more natural hair care routine. Use shampoos, conditioners, or serums which contain natural, less chemicals, or better yet, all-organic ingredients, to help your hair strands loosen up a bit and give them time to heal.

  1. Roughly Unconditioned 

A simple cause of your hair’s wild frizziness can be the lack of care and constant nourishing, or in other words, your hair lacks some conditioner! 

Without the regular application of conditioner, your hair loses elasticity, making it much more prone to breakage. This means that you might lose more hair each day than a person with normally healthy hair would, or more than around 100 strands of hair per day!

This is how you can smooth it up!

Well, that’s easy. Get yourself a conditioner made of natural ingredients and use it to your hair a few times each week to slowly repair your hair, and soon, you can maintain your healthy hair. For natural and safe conditioners, use HairFood Co’s chemical-free products!

  1. Wasted Roots

Choosing your shampoos and conditioners may seem like a regular grocery errand, but when you really think about it, it’s quite essential to hair care. Using the treatments best suited for you could make your hair or break it. 

A whole chunk of consumers chooses any shampoo or conditioner without  having any preference. These people eventually experience hair issues, without knowing that their problems are rooted in their shampoo, conditioner, or any other chosen hair products. 

How can you manage?

First thing’s first: you’ve got to know what hair care products suit your hair. A major reason behind most shampoo-cause hair problems is the amount or kind of alcohol mixed in with the product’s formula. 

Check the ingredients carefully and try to avoid those that contain alcohol. This chemical may damage your hair, and eventually weaken the hair strands. You also have to prioritize your roots when conditioning your hair. Keeping your roots healthy will ensure that your hair will also remain healthy.

  1. Drier than Sahara

One of the most common causes of hair frizziness is the ultimate dryness of the environment, especially those who live in tropical or constantly-hot areas. Heat can also be a factor to humidity, which eventually causes dehydration in your hair, making the strands less immune to breaking or making split ends.

Here’s how you can avoid this!

Easy! When there’s a desert, there must be moisture! Dryness in your hair can easily be fixed by constant hydration of your hair. Aside from continuous nourishing, you have to remember a key element in good hair moisture: natural oils. 

Natural oils, and other alternatives like organic hair creams and conditioners, work like a charm on your frizziness, so don’t wait a minute longer and get these natural-made hair conditioners here!

  1. Brush, brush, brush!

Yes, combing and brushing your hair can be a pain when you’ve got the wild frizz on your head. But, do you agree that combing and brushing are the easiest ways to maintain your hair? Do you think there is literally nothing that could go wrong with it? I don't think so! 

Here’s something you must know if you have frizzy hair!

Brushing your now-dried hair could stretch your strands, and eventually breaking them off, leaving them with unhealthy stretched hair or what is commonly known as split ends. 

How can you brush this problem off?

The trick is not to brush it at all! If you don’t want a frizzy hair, that is. According to WebMD, if you don’t want a frizzy hair or if you want to treat the frizziness, then your hair must be towel-dried before brushing or combing your hair. 

Using a brush with thick bristles on could break your hair strands easier. Also, using a thin-bristle brush against thick strands of hair could worsen the frizziness as this could add to your hair’s already-large volume. 

Another thing is that you should learn how to choose the brush that is just perfect and right for your hair. Choosing the wrong brush could damage your hair even more! For frizzy-free hair, use HairFood Co’s Cacai Detangler Brush!

Now that you know the cause of your hair’s stubborn frizziness, it's time to pick the right cure for it. For more severe and quite widespread hair damage, you should get a professional hand to help you treat your hair!

To those with cases that can be treated right at home, we’ve got a supply of the best natural, affordable hair products for you! Visit HairFood Co. to get your perfect hair care treatments now!