CURLY GIRL METHOD: What You Need To Know!

CURLY GIRL METHOD: What You Need To Know!

Love your Curls!

Your curly hair is often vital to your picturesque Instagram posts and everyday looks. With that, you want to have the best hair care even to the thinnest strand of your hair. 

Curly hair looks cute and sexy. But, there are a few struggles you might experience with your curls: damage and frizzy hair.

Worry no more!

Here at HairFood Co., we love and embrace all kinds of hair, especially those curls! We care so much about your curls, we might as well tell you on how to take care of them—the Curly Girl Method!

If you don’t have curly hair but want to achieve a damage-free hair, this method is totally great for you too!

The Curly Girl Method

To aid the millions of heads of curls in the world, Curly Girl Method was first introduced to the world by a famous hairstylist and fellow curly girl, Lorraine Massey, through her book, Curly Girl: The Handbook.

The Curly Girl Method was made for girls with natural curls! 

It is basically a different hair care routine for different types of curly hair while avoiding any damaging heat from hair straightening or heating tool and getting rid of hair products that contain harsh, and chemical ingredients. 

While each of you has your own personal type of hair care routines, the Curly Girl Method is the overall term for a more natural hair style to help you rock your curls better!

The Curls

To start off, you have to know what style of curls you have, before finding out what is good for your hair. 

Here are a few of the major hair patterns:

  • The Loose Curls 

  • Loose curls aren’t as wild and about as much as other curls, because it is characterized more on the “wavy” side of hair types. 

    Loose curls tend to have no significant pattern of curliness, aside from having most of the waves in the middle of your hair, straight everywhere else, and dry at the tips. 

    This type of hair would be in dire need of bulk of moisturization.

  • The Classic “S” Curls

  • Just like they’re called, the classic curls is the most typical type of curly girl hair pattern. 

    These curls have a distinctive “S” shapes, making them look like cool telephone chords from the roots to the tips of the hair. 

    While these curls are the most common, curly girls have difficulty in managing their hair, as they always end up frizzy and unintentionally volumized. This is caused by lack of moisture or dryness, and lack of proper hair maintenance. 

  • The Corkscrew Curls

  • These tight curls look like tiny corkscrews, hence its name. 

    This pattern of hair can be light but they could possibly be denser, due to the higher number of curls that you’ve got to tend to. 

    Without constant moisturization or management, your tight curls could end up in tangles, and if it is found too severe or too messed up to be presentable, professionals would probably have to cut your hair.

  • The ZigZag Curls

  • Out of all the curly hair patterns, the ZigZag kind of hair is the most challenging to manage.

    ZigZag hair pattern is also known as Kinky hair. Kinky hair, while beautiful and wild, is very difficult to maintain due to its “Z” shape of curls within its strands. 

    These kinky curls are so tight that the full length of your hair strands would decrease by about three-quarters, making your hair both shorter and bigger.

    If left dry and unprotected, your hair could probably end up needing the best professional help because kinky hair needs utmost and constant moisture. 

    And because of its Z-shaped curls, your strands are highly prone to bending and even breaking.

    How The Curly Girl Method Works?

    Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or coiled hair, this method is designed for you!

    The Curly Girl Method transforms your dry curls into smooth and bouncy curly hair. It gives your hair an intensive moisturizing treatment and renew your hair cell’s structure, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing damage for a beautiful curls.

    Many hair care products are loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients that may cause damage hair. When you are not using hair products with chemicals, your hair retains all of its natural oils, giving you the best curls you have always wanted!

    The Curly Do’s and Don'ts 

    Curly Girl Method is making sure that you follow the right thing to do and use the right products on your hair to give your curls that look worth a spotlight. 

    Here are a few tips to follow to achieve perfect curls:

    • CLEANSE – clean your hair and scalp with chemical-free products.

    • CONDITION – condition your hair more than usual to lessen the dryness of your hair.

    • STYLING – style your hair with non-harsh creams that could possibly moisturize your hair.

    • DRY – a less quickened drying of your hair is needed to ensure that your curls don’t end up dehydrated.

    The Curly Don’ts

    1. Pick out and use hair products that do not contain chemical ingredients. These chemicals include:

    • alcohols that dehydrate your hair
    • silicones
    • sulphates
    • parabens
    • mineral oil
    • waxes 

    1. Stop using hair styling tools that damages your hair like hair curlers and hair straighteners. 
    2. Avoid going out and exposing your hair to heat.
    3. Avoid using hair blowers to dry your hair.

    The Curly Do’s

    1. Instead of buying hair care products that contain chemicals, you should try to look for products that are naturally made and chemical-free. 

    These natural hair care products are mostly specifically made for those who follow the Curly Girl Method. Chemical-free products are more natural to your curls. 

    1. Dry your hair naturally.
    2. Use hair oils before going out, before going to sleep, and after using shampoo or conditioner.

    Aftermath of the Curls

    When you have regularly followed the Curly Girl Method for some time, then you would be a witness to the results of your routine. 

    Your curls would be less tangled and easily styled because it won’t be dry. 

    The absence of both sulphate and drying alcohols would give your hair the chance to embrace its own natural oils, leaving your hair constantly moisturized.

    The Curly Girl Method is best when following natural practices and using naturally-made hair products. Check out these amazing and cost-friendly chemical-free hair products at HairFoodCo.

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