Your hair is your crowning glory. It is a significant factor to consider when it comes to looks, which can represent your whole personality. It also determines whether you have good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. 

However, you cannot avoid hair problems from occurring. Many factors can cause damage to your hair and can destroy your look. Some of these hair problems include hair fall, dandruff, and graying hair. 

To achieve smooth, shiny, and healthy hair, follow these easy 3-step hair care routine!

Before we proceed on how to fix these hair problems, let us first identify its causes and habits that trigger these hair problems to occur!

Hair Problems


Hair fall or hair loss happens gradually, which can be patchy and diffuse all over. Your scalp has approximately hundreds of thousands of hairs. Every day you lose about 100 hairs out of your head caused by hereditary or stress (physical, or emotional).

As you age, you tend to lose hair thickness and quantity. Diseases do not cause this form of baldness, but aging, heredity, and hormonal changes do.

Baldness pattern influences a lot more men than women. After puberty, a man’s pattern of baldness may happen at any moment compared to women. Physical or emotional stress can trigger the shedding of your scalp’s hair from half to three quarters. 


Dandruff is a prevalent chronic condition of the scalp that is characterized by skin flaking on the scalp. Nothing to worry as dandruff is not severe or contagious. But it can be annoying, and hard to handle at times.

Good news! It is generally possible to control dandruff! 

Mild instances of dandruff with a gentle cleanser may require nothing more than daily shampooing. More stubborn dandruff instances often react to medicated hair products.

Dandruff symptoms are simple to spot for most you: white, oily-looking dead skin flakes that dot your hair, and a scaly, potentially itchy scalp. 

Graying Hair

Some of you see gray hair as something that distinguishes them; for others, it is a reminder that they are getting older. Whatever you feel about with age, gray or white hair is almost inevitable.

According to WebMD, scientists have placed a great deal of effort into researching the exact cause of gray hair and ways to treat this issue. Hair derives its color from a pigment called "melanin", which is generated in hair follicles by melanocytes.

Some of you are beginning to go gray— as soon as you reach your teenager stage. Usually, genes determine when graying starts, so if your mom or dad gets gray early, you may also. 

Now you have known the different hair problems and its causes. It is time to deal with these!

Here is the 3-step Hair Care Routine to stop hair fall, dandruff, and graying hair.

3-step Hair Care Routine 

Use shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients

Washing your hair is the most basic act of keeping it clean. Allow your hair to be washed to remove dirt and dust.

Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water and use a flexible hair brush to comb it while washing. This helps eliminate dirt and dust from your hair or scalp

Washing your hair everyday is not advisable as it can remove the natural oils produced by the scalp. Make sure that the shampoo you are using matches the type of hair  that you have, and that it is safe for regular use.

If you choose to use it with a conditioner, make sure to apply the conditioner to the most extended portions of your hair. When you are done, rinse your hair with cold water and allow your hair to be air dried.

For healthy-looking hair, switch to chemical-free shampoo and conditioner!


Spoil your hair with natural and safe hair products

Before using any hair products, determine the type of hair you have. Use moisturizers to remove that grease. Use FDA-approved products formulated for treating hair problems, such as hair fall, dandruff, and graying hair. 

You can also use hair oils and serums that are intended for problematic hair. They tame frizzy hair, add shine, and promote growth. 

There are also numerous sprays you can use to protect your hair from damage caused by the direct heat of hair curler or straightener, and even UV rays.

When it comes to brushing, choose the right brush for the type of your hair. Never brush your hair white it is still wet. Use detangler hair brushes to achieve a smooth and shiny hair.

The style of brushing should be in one direction to remove dirt and dust easily. Make sure to brush every strand of your hair gently.

Tip: Brush gently and don’t overbrush.

Avoid regular use of heat-styling tools 

Heat-styling tools, such as hair irons, and blowers, help improve the look and style of your hair. However, you should be cautious when using these because they can damage your hair and burn your scalp.

Using these tools excessively can cause hair fall and dryness. You may apply a heat protectant hair product to avoid this. For damaged hair, do not use heat-styling tools as it can worsen the problem.

Get your chemical-free hair care products here and enjoy different hairstyles without worrying about damaging your hair caused by heat-styling tools.

Taking care of your hair is more than just being presentable, but also signify your lifestyle. This hair care routine is a sufficient foundation ground for beginners, like you. 

Take care of your hair to avoid hair problems!

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