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Where do you ship to?

Can I track my parcel on the logistics partner's website?

How long does shipping take?

Is there a free shipping?


Is it safe to place orders online?

What are the mode of payments?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

More about Crown and Glory

When will I start to get visible results?

Does Crown & Glory Products contain harmful ingredients?

How will I know that your product is not fake?

How should Crown & Glory Products be applied?

Are your products really safer and better? How are your products different?

Does Crown & Glory products help prevent hair loss? Do it work for both men and women?

Can I use Crown & Glory products and wig at the same time?

More about HairFood Co.

What are Parabens?

What are Sulfates?

What are Phthalates?

What are Silicones?

What are Colourants?

Can kids/pregnant women/anyone under chemo therapy use the products?

What sort of testing is done before you release your product?

Where is HairFood Co. products manufactured?

What are ingredients used by HairFood Co.?

What is the difference between "organic" and "nature-inspired" products?

Why are the products expensive?

Why do we call our oil products miracle?

Why is HairFood Co.'s 100% Argan Oil clear and other brands are yellow?

Why are HairFood Co. Shampoos and Conditioners aqueous in color?

Why does HairFood Co.'s Rosehip Oil has an unpleasant smell?

Can I use other brand of conditioner when using HairFood Co.'s shampoo?

How do we know that our products are effective?

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